Cannabis Users Can Cause Sexual Dysfunction

Recent re-research on marijuana and sexual health indicates that male cannabis users may experience sexual dysfunction. According to a doctor at the University of Ottawa and Queens University in Canada and Florida Medical Marijuana Doctors said marijuana users often report that smoking marijuana can increase sexual desire.

Research on these topics is contradictory and some studies are of high quality. Scientists first began researching marijuana and sex in 1970. Some researchers have found that marijuana has a love drug effect. In a 1982 study, it said that 75 percent of cannabis smoker men claim to be able to improve their sex lives.

Meanwhile, another study at Florida Medical Marijuana also found that erectile dysfunction is twice as common in marijuana users, which is quite the opposite. Other studies have shown the effects and dosages of cannabis use, where small doses of marijuana have little effect on sexual dysfunction, but the excessive use of cannabis can make the erection less.

There is a problem with all such research because there are no studies that use measurement technique validation when conducting a public survey about their sexual function. A number of different questions used could be just a tilted response, because of the effects of marijuana itself.

Notes in a review of Marijuana Doctors in Florida that 39 percent of men in a 1982 study said marijuana could prolong the duration of sex. May have experienced the effects of marijuana thus changing the perception of time. Recent research now contains findings that the penis contains receptors for the active ingredient of marijuana suggests in young men may not yet react, but should think about the long-term effects of using marijuana.

In one study found receptor tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), an active ingredient in cannabis. Receptors mainly in the penile smooth muscle, according to additional laboratory study info indicate that THC has a muscle inhibitory effect.

This is a bad effect on erectile function. The use of cannabis is widespread, especially among men at the peak of sexual life. Reports from various agencies about the worldwide use of cannabis each year, more than 23 million use it daily, this is what makes understanding the long-term effects important.